Maddie Kauffman


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Why did you choose CLA?
Coastal Leadership Academy’s Purpose, Promise, Vision, and Values captured my attention and heart from day one. I was searching for a school that was willing to disrupt the “educational status quo” in order to honor students’ capacities as individuals all while allowing them to be a part of a belonging and collaborative learning environment. What I found in CLA was that and so much more…to the point where my husband and I were willing to relocate 600+ miles to join the Archer family!
Favorite Book
The Harry Potter Series – “Always.”
Favorite Film
The Harry Potter Series – “Always.”
Favorite Musician
The Harry Potter…No, just kidding! My “playlist” truly runs the musical genre gauntlet minus country.​
Favorite Quote
“Be kind and confident. Have compassion and courage.”
What geeks you up?
Watching others discover and develop their passions and themselves, exploring the ocean and related conservation efforts, channeling my inner Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood, and wearing chucks! ​


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